Shopping Streets

Kishiwada Station Shopping Street

Kishiwada Station Shopping Arcade (Osaka)

Naruto Taiyaki Honpo
Kishiwada Station Shopping Arcade Shop

Taiyaki are traditional Japanese sweets consisting of crispy fish-shaped pancakes filled with tasty bean jam. They can easily be eaten while walking, so we recommend them if you are sightseeing.

Koshino Gallery

Koshino Gallery

This gallery-salon is the remodeled former house where Ayako Koshino and her three daughters were born. Koshino was a world-famous fashion designer, and a TV drama was later created in which the protagonist was based on her.

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Kishiwada Castle

Kishiwada Castle

This castle, which is also known as Chigiri Castle, serves as a symbol of the city of Kishiwada. It was built in approximately the year 1334, and eventually burnt down after being struck by lightning, but was later rebuilt in its present form. The castle tower offers a view of the city of Kishiwada.

Sakai Higashi Shopping Street

Sakai Higashi Shopping Street (Osaka)

Hibino Beer

Hibino Beer

A restaurant specializing in craft beer, where you can enjoy Japanese and imported craft beers along with food that goes well with beer. The establishment normally has 12 different draft beers and roughly 100 different bottled beers in stock; find the beer that you like best.

Maruha no Katsudon Maruha no Katsudon

Maruha no Katsudon

This is a restaurant specializing in katsudon, which consists of a bowl of rice topped with a breaded pork cutlet, an egg, and vegetables. This restaurant’s katsudon use thick pork shoulder roasts. If you’re visiting Japan, you’ll want to be sure to experience this restaurant’s soup-stock sauce, soft and fluffy egg toppings, and juicy cutlets. Order a double portion for a truly hearty meal.

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Viewing lobby on 21st floor of Sakai City Hall

Viewing lobby on 21st floor of Sakai City Hall

This viewing lobby offers a panoramic vista of Sakai City. It is located inside City Hall, and anyone can use it for free. Among the sights you can see from here are the world’s largest keyhole-shaped burial mound and a cluster of other burial mounds surrounding it.

Wakayama Shopping Street

Burakuricho Shopping Street (Wakayama)

Taki Paper Lantern Store Taki Paper Lantern Store

Taki Paper Lantern Store

This shop deals in paper lanterns. Lanterns of this kind are an essential part of Japanese culture, as they are used for festivals, shrines, shop signs, and more. At this store, paper lanterns of various kinds, large and small, hang down from above, a delight just to behold.
Here you can also learn how to make original lanterns (for a fee), and can make a lantern that is all your own. Lighting up the lantern in your room back home will bring to mind memories of your travel in Japan.



This store specializes in Japanese swords. It handles a wide range of items, from old, historic swords to modern swords by contemporary swordsmiths, as well as sword accouterments and iaido equipment.
In Japanese swords, the spirit of the swordsmith dwells within the sword. Japanese swords are not merely weapons; they boast a high degree of artistry, making them true symbols of Japan.
The owner of the store, a coordinator for Japanese swords, can make you a custom sword to fit your desires and your budget. Why not get a sword of your very own from this store?

Suwaen Japanese Tea Store Suwaen Japanese Tea Store

Suwaen Japanese Tea Store

A tea shop of long standing, founded in 1862. In addition to tea leaves, the shop also sells tea cakes.
Suwaen’s Japanese sweets, such as matcha soft cream and matcha kakigori shaved ice, are also very popular. At the shop, you can take your time in eating and drinking the products.
One enjoyable thing to do is to eat kakigori while thinking over the summer that is passing. Another enjoyable thing is to sip tea while thinking about the autumn that is approaching.

Sanjo Meiten-gai

Sanjo Meitengai (Kyoto)

Eirakuya Eirakuya

Hosotsuji Ihee Shoten Shinkyogoku Sanjo Store

Eirakuya, a store of long standing in Kyoto, was founded more than 400 years ago. It sells tenugui towels, as well as large furoshiki wrapping cloths, that feature drawings of motifs associated with Kyoto, such as festivals and apprentice geishas. These towels and cloths can be tied in different ways for a variety of uses. We suggest hanging them on the walls of rooms as decorations.

Onishi Kyosendo Onishi Kyosendo

Onishi Kyosendo

A long-established store that sells kyo sensu, folding fans that are a traditional craft item in Kyoto. Everything involved in making these fans — from the painting of the design and the crafting of the ribs through to the finishing of the fan — is carried out in Kyoto or the surrounding area. These delicate folding fans are created by craftsmen who have mastered a variety of different processes, and each fan is said to be handled by craftsmen no less than 87 times. The greater the number of ribs, the more flexible the fan will be, creating a breeze that totally envelopes the user.

Sanjo-Honke Misuyabari Sanjo-Honke Misuyabari

Sanjo-Honke Misuyabari

Leaving the shopping arcade and proceeding down a narrow way, you come across a wonderful garden and shop that you would never have expected to find near the bustling shopping arcade. For 400 years, the kimono culture of Kyoto has been supported by kimono-making needles, which are said to keep the thread from fraying because they open up less space. At this shop, we recommend the sewing set in the snugly closing paulownia-wood box. In addition, the pretty sets of marking pins, which vary from season to season, are supposedly very popular.

Sakai Higashi Shopping Street

Uji (Kyoto)

iwai Byodoin Shop iwai Byodoin Shop

iwai Byodoin Shop

At this cafe, which is run by a candy maker, you can treat yourself to hiyashi ame, a Kansai specialty that consists of sweet rice syrup flavored with ginger. The cafe’s pancakes feature the shape of a phoenix, a legendary bird associated with the symbol of Uji: the Phoenix Hall at Byodoin Temple. A sense of harmony is added by the pancakes’ toppings: ice cream made from Dainagon adzuki beans, from chestnuts, and from matcha. And for a delicious taste that only a candy maker can provide, pour matcha syrup (made from starch syrup) on your pancakes.

Shubaku Shubaku


A famous soba restaurant in Uji. With its rich flavor and aroma, Shubaku’s handmade soba is a big hit with many people, including tourists. The aroma of buckwheat that comes forth as you chew the noodles is a perfect match for the tasty broth.

Nakauji yorin (hoho emi ka)

Nakauji yorin (hoho emi ka)

A restful spot in Uji where you can drop in and relax during your sightseeing. The building has five different shops, including a pastry shop and a French restaurant. The pastry shop, hoho emi ka, features handmade tarts and muffins baked each morning using seasonal ingredients.

Sakai Higashi Shopping Street

Senbayashi Shopping Street (Osaka)

Takumi Charcoal-Grilled Chicken-Yamato meat chicken Takumi Charcoal-Grilled Chicken-Yamato meat chicken

Charcoal-Grilled Chicken-Yamato meat chicken

Especially popular is the “tile-roasted” chicken, which consists of Yamato meat chicken — a breed of chicken raised in Nara — roasted on a tile. (When meat is roasted on a tile, far-infrared heat makes the meat soft.) The use of sweet, sticky wasabi from Shimane Prefecture adds a nice accent to the chicken. The restaurant is also very particular about sake: it normally stocks 10–15 different varieties of sake from all over Japan.

Ashikagaya Fruit Gifts

Ashikagaya Fruit Gifts

This fruit shop only sells fruit that the owner has personally tasted and judged to be delicious. The shop always offers two different fresh, seasonal juices made from this delicious fruit. The juices, made with plenty of fresh fruit, have a rich but refreshing taste that will make you want to chug them down.
Note: The shop sells fresh juices from April through December.

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